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How to track the number of applications in your site using analytics tools (such as Google Analytics)?

Marketing professionals usually use site analytics tools to track the performance of campaigns. When promoting the careers website they would need to track the number of conversions, meaning visitors who went to the careers page and then submitted an application to an opening at the company.

To track the number of applications in your analytics tool you can setup a page to which candidates will be redirected after submitting their application. This will allow you to track conversions (application submissions) in your analytics tools.

To set it up, follow these steps:

  1. Create a “Thank you” page on your careers website. Usually a page with a message such as: “Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch if there’s a good fit”.

  2. Tell Comeet where this new page is located.

  3. If you use the WordPress plugin then, in WordPress, visit the Comeet plugin settings page (under: Settings > Comeet) and select the Thank you page to be used. Remember to click Save.

  4. If you use a custom implementation – ask your developer to add the URL of the thank you page as the thankyou-url parameter provided when initializing the Comeet API. For the complete API reference see this page.

Why are changes to the position not reflected on my website?

  1. Careers website hosted on Comeet – can take up to 30 minutes to be updated.

  2. Custom careers website – there are two levels of caching layers that affect the time it takes for updates to appear on the website:Comeet’s side it takes up to 30 minutes.Your website – check with your web developer. Websites usually update every 30 minutes (in which case it will take up to an hour for all changes to appear).

How to allow candidates who couldn’t find a suitable position to submit their resume?

To allow candidates who cannot find a suitable position to submit their resume, follow these steps:

  1. Create a position in Comeet and name it: “General position” or similar, and publish the new position. Copy the Comeet position ID (shown in the Position > Description tab) and send it to your developer.

  2. Ask your developer to create a link on the careers page for job seekers who can’t find a suitable position (such as: “Can’t find a suitable position? Send us your resume!“). When clicking on the link, the application form should be embedded, using the application widget, specifying the Comeet Position ID of the General position.

  3. Using the Comeet Position ID, your developer should also filter out this position to make sure it is not listed as an opening in your company.



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