Plan: The LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC) integration is included in the Comeet Enterprise plan. Learn more

Permissions & roles:

Using this integration requires the following roles:

  • Comeet – any user

  • LinkedIn – user account for the LinkedIn RSC

Prerequisites: before getting started, a Comeet administrator or owner should first set up the integration for your organization's Comeet account.

NOTE: This feature is currently being rolled out to customers.

The RSC integration between LinkedIn and Comeet helps recruiters:

  • See current and past recruiting activity from Comeet on the candidates profile in LinkedIn Recruiter

  • Create or update Comeet candidate records with LinkedIn data

  • View LinkedIn Recruiter InMail history and notes from directly from within Comeet

  • Access and view up-to-date candidate LinkedIn profiles in Comeet without changing context

This article describes how to get started with this integration:

Connect your personal LinkedIn Recruiter account

To start using the integration, each teammate must first connect their personal LinkedIn Recruiter account with their personal account in Comeet.

  1. Open your personal Integration settings by clicking on your photo at the top right > My Account > Integrations.

  2. Under LinkedIn Recruiter click Connect.

    The LinkedIn authorization window will be shown.

  3. Follow the instructions to connect your LinkedIn account.

Next steps

Once you've gotten your user accounts connected, it's time to start to Source candidates using LinkedIn Recruiter (RSC).

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