This integration is available for Ultimate and Enterprise plans.

Permissions & roles

Admin or owner role to set up the integration.

All users with access to Rectxt can send text messages.


Make sure you have:

  • a Rectxt account and administrator access to that account for configuration

  • all teammates using Rectxt need to be in your Rectxt team and your Comeet account

  • all teammates using Rectxt need to install the Rectxt Chrome extension

Rectxt is a text messaging platform for recruiters. Integrate your Comeet account with Rectxt so your team can:

  • send individual texts to candidates and bulk messages for campaigns directly from within Comeet

  • save all conversations within the relevant candidate profiles

Note: Rectxt supports text messaging (SMS) in the US and Canada.

To configure and work with the integration:

Copy your Comeet API token

  1. From the avatar menu in your Comeet administrator account, navigate to Settings.

  2. Go to Process⇒Integrations. The Integrations area loads.

  3. Scroll down to Sourcing and find Rectxt in the list.

  4. Click Integrate.

  5. From the pop-up, review the access levels and then click Allow Access to approve the integration.

  6. When enabled, click Copy API key. Now, go to your Rectxt account to complete integration.

Integrate your new Rectxt account with Comeet

Use your Comeet API token to integrate with the Rectxt platform.

  1. Click here to access the Rectxt settings page.

  2. Go to Integrations and click the Comeet logo.

  3. Click the toggle button to enable the configuration.

  4. Paste the key that you copied from Comeet in the API key field and then click Connect. Your Rectxt account is now integrated to your Comeet account. Once you configure your integration from your Rectxt account, you and your teammates can use texting from Comeet to support your hiring processes.

Send a single text message from Comeet

Note: all teammates using this integration should first install the Rectxt Chrome extension.

  1. Navigate to your Comeet account and go to the relevant candidate profile.

  2. Click Text and start texting.

    You can now view your messaging history from the candidate profile as well:

    Once you send a text, it appears in the Recent Activity section on the candidate profile:

    See it in action:

Send bulk messages from Comeet

Note: all teammates using this integration should first install the Rectxt Chrome extension.

Teammates can send text messages in bulk (called Mass Messages in Rectxt) to candidates directly from any list of candidates. Candidates receive them as though they’re personal messages and the messages are saved as individual messages for each candidate that responds in the relevant profiles.

You can send up to 50 candidates simultaneously.

  1. In Comeet, navigate to the relevant list of candidates. This can be the results from a search, a list of candidates in your tasks, or the list of candidates who are in a specific position.

  2. Check mark each of the candidates who is to receive the message:

  3. Click Text.

  4. From the Rectxt window, choose to write and send an ad-hoc message, or select a message from your templates.

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