Activate screening & assessment apps
Streamline the hiring process with integrated assessments
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This article describes how to:

Activate Integration

  1. Enable the integration by going to your Settings > Integrations in Comeet.

  2. Click Activate and follow the instructions shown.

Add Assessment Apps to Your Position Workflow

  1. In Comeet click on a position and navigate to the position’s workflow.

  2. Add a new step or select an existing one.

  3. Change the step type to reflect your assessment app.

  4. Select a test from the dropdown menu. Tests displayed here are created in the assessment app.

Assessing Candidates

  • Once a candidate arrives to an assessment app workflow step, click Start to email interview details to the candidate.

  • The step will automatically be marked as complete.

  • The evaluation will show the test with grades as well as a link to the original material in the assessment app.

  • When the step is completed in the assessment app it will take a few minutes to be updated in Comeet.

You can skip an assessment app step in the candidate workflow by clicking Mark as completed. Evaluations won’t be updated if a candidate completes the integrated app step after it’s been marked complete.

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