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Integration with ADP Workforce Now
Integration with ADP Workforce Now

Automatically create a new employee in ADP when you hire a candidate

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ADP Workforce Now empowers clients to effectively address business challenges with a flexible, secure and integrated HCM solution that supports the full spectrum of HR needs. Integrating with Comeet allows:

  • Single Sign-On for Comeet users who also use ADP Workforce Now.

  • Automatically add new employees to ADP Workforce Now when making a new hire in Comeet.

Integrate ADP Workforce Now

Integration setup is available for users with a role of Owner, Admin or IT Admin in Comeet along with Admin permissions in ADP Workforce Now.

  1. In Comeet, visit Company Settings > Process > Integrations > ADP Workforce Now.

  2. Copy your company token.

  3. Login to ADP Marketplace and subscribe to Comeet. When prompted, provide the company token from Comeet.

  4. Provide consent in the ADP Consent Manager.

  5. Consent must be given by the person who subscribed to Comeet.

  6. In Comeet, click Activate

 Note: When making a hire, employee fields are controlled by ADP Workforce Now.

Make a hire with ADP Workforce Now 

When recruiters make a hire in Comeet they can select the values required for the creation of a new employee in ADP Workforce Now.

Once a recruiter confirms a candidate's hire in Comeet the newly created employee is managed in ADP Workforce Now and can be found in the In-progress hires tab. New employee profiles are created with the following details: 

  • First Name

  • Middle Name

  • Last Name

  • Email 

  • Address 

  • Mobile Phone 

  • Other Phone 

  • Tax ID 

  • Tax ID Type 

  • Tax ID Country 

  • Start Date 

  • Reason for Hire 

  • Job Title 

  • Department 

  • Business Unit 

  • Location 

  • Company Code 

  • Pay Grade Code 

  • Worker Category 

  • Occupational Classifications 

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